poems for Miztress Sophie

Her used bubble gum i’ll buy

Chew it during my working hours

Roll it round my mouth

Stale spearemint with her spit

Every day i’ll take it from its silver box

A treasure of rare consumption

And pray to Her as i chomp it

An intimate gift to devour

Tasting of fag ash and slave wishes

Hard as dull cardboard

But in a God’s mouth it’s hung out

Now my servile jaws work

To taste my grim fate

Chewed as silently for hours

i stand naked in the corner

under the surveliance of her camera

a fool She uses harsh

a fool so drained of power

As a soul depleted of its dignity

Washed out flavor of true zombie

Fatigued and weary

The gum has tang of toilet

It smacks of tasteless relish

Yet it is a priceless dish

Miztress Sophie’s mouth made it rare

Surpassing all gastranomic danties

As a bubble between Her lips

As a savour it has no compare

In a trashcan She matured it

And to this trash can She returned it

Tossed it in my gaping begging bowl

Long by its sell by date

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